ETT Google Jam - Boston - 2015

EdTechTeacher Google for Education Jamboree - Boston

is partnered with EdTechTeacher to bring you a unique educational opportunity! At Google Boston Headquarters on February 27th there were 6 ignite keynotes, 8 hands-on sessions, Google Headquarters tours, and a panel discussion with Googlers. It was a great chance to connect with innovators in education and technology!

Check out the recording of the Keynotes from Friday, February 27th event:

EdTechTeacher Google Jamboree Keynotes

 Rick Borovoy
 Tom Daccord
 Jennie Magiera
Academy for Urban School Leadership
 Greg Kulowiec
 Jennifer Holland
 Justin Reich
 Rick is the Product Lead for Android Education and Google Play for Education.  
 He has a PhD from the MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten Group and founded a company focused on wearable computers disguised as conference badges.
 Tom is the co-founder and director of EdTechTeacher, an educational technology speaker, instructor, and author. Tom has worked with schools, colleges and educational organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
Jennie is the Digital Learning Coordinator a network of 29 neighborhood Chicago Public Schools. She has also been a 4th-5th grade math teacher and a Math/Technology Coach in Chicago Public Schools.  Greg is a nationally recognized instructor, presenter and author, Greg is an award-winning teacher, has been an early adopter of mobile devices in the classroom, and coined the phrase "App Smashing."
Jen is the Program Manager for the Google Apps for Education and Classroom product team and works alongside administrators, teachers, and students to improve the Google Apps for Education product suite.
Justin is the co-founder of EdTechTeacher, the Richard L. Menschel HarvardX Research Fellow, a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and a Lecturer in the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program.


Collaborate and Create with Google Apps & Chrome Extensions
with Tom Daccord

Google Apps for Education and Chrome Extensions provide creative and collaborative learning opportunities for laptop, Chromebook, and tablet classrooms. Learn some of the best uses of Google Forms and Google Documents and explore helpful apps and extensions, such as Kaizena,, Screencastify and others. Examine how educators make the most of Google and plan effective integration strategies.  

Choose Your Own Adventure Videos
with Greg Kulowiec

The use of video and video creation as a means to assessment in the classroom is becoming increasingly common practice. However, the end product is ultimately a static, linear video that does not allow for a potentially complex story to be told or message to be conveyed. This session will explore the process of creating collaborative Choose Your Own Adventure videos with a combination of Google Drive and YouTube that will ultimately allow for dynamic story telling where the end product is a series of hyperlinked, clickable videos that can take the viewer on a unique path towards understanding the message being conveyed in the video.

Google Play and Creation with Tablets
with Jennie Magiera

Learn how to use the wealth of resources in the Google Play store to unleash creativity in your classroom. From digging into Google Docs, Slides and Sheets to other great apps like Explain Everything, Book Creator and QR codes, students can explore their world and think outside the bubble to show what they know. Bring your tablet pre-loaded with these apps or borrow one of our own tablets for this hands-on adventure in creation and PLAY.

Teacher Productivity and Google Classroom
with Jen Holland

Classroom was designed hand-in-hand with Google Apps for Education teachers to help them save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. In this session, we'll introduce educators to the new features available in Google Classroom, and we'll discuss how we can use them to improve student feedback and promote collaboration. 

Google HQ Boston

Googler Panel:

Working and Thriving at Google-Skills for the Workplaces of the Future

In our closing panel, we’ll meet four senior Googlers from the Cambridge office who will describe what they love about working at Google and what it takes to thrive in the company. By exploring what makes a successful and happy Google employee, we will end the day by helping educators reflect on how they can prepare their own students for these kinds of workplaces of the future.